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Haha, an awesome picture here. Ah, the good ol' Nintendo, how I've missed the days aimlessly playing Super Mario World (and then gettin...

Interesting concept here. I like how the ice crystals are emitting from the Dragon's being. The design on the dragon is also kinda cool...

Done this journal already, but since I'm going to try to trim a LOT of fat from the last one so it's not 3 miles long, I figured I might as well start this whole thing over.
Updated: 5/27/18

Da Rules of Engagement

  1. Do NOT jump the gun by doing one of these projects and then expect me to pay for it. If you want to do it, get my OK for it first, I'll get your information and we'll work out the payment. Simple? I hope so. I do NOT want anyone working on something and then claiming I didn't pay you for it, especially if I don't know it's being done- and if you did do it, prove it or it doesn't exist. (If you want to do it for free, though, that's perfectly fine. Hell, I might throw you some money or something if I really, really like it. ;D)
  2. I'm assuming all deals are final once the commission is finished and shown to me. As in if I commission you and you finish it, I'm NOT going to turn around 20 seconds later and ask for my money back. At the very worst, I'll ask for an adjustment of something that may look wrong. I'm not one of those assholes so don't treat me like one. I've got plenty of people who can confirm I'm one of those people who keeps up with their end of the deal. (There are exceptions to this rule, but if I tell you them, everyone and their mothers will be trying to exploit it. >>; )
  3. Keep in touch. If there's a problem, let me know if you can. I understand life happens sometimes so I do have at grace period of at least 1 week without word. I usually prod you within a week if said projects take time; after two weeks of no call, no show; I'm going to assume the worst. That's my get-out clause for those I don't know too well. Outside of that, if you're still in touch, the time period is only as long as it takes you to finish (though I might start prodding if it's taking a bit too long for me to have someone else do it). I'm usually available via dA notes or Discord (on request).
  4. I will keep digital, unaltered copies of my commission's progress. This isn't out of ill intent, this is just in case I need to image search you in the event of dA deciding to finally pull the plug on this site. It's also in case of payment plan fallouts (i.e. rule 3) in which only partial progress is made and I need the commission re-done.
  5. More often than not, I'll be reposting your work in my gallery. All credit will be due under the precursor "Commission:/Com: " with a mention below and I'll try to point anyone who favs it in your direction via direct comment. If you don't want me to repost your work in my gallery, make some mention of that during any point of the queuing process, otherwise I'll prompt it before I decide to post it work.
Details for each commission will be given on request and then updated as appropriate. It is a VERY long and exhaustive list (and I may ask for multiples of the same person). There, you can just pick what you want or what sounds interesting. I'll be working on profiles that carries all the needed references of who. Please bear in mind the first rule when choosing a project, else you'll be doing work for free.

You can also plug other artists as well if you'd like and I'll check them out for future potential Projects. I'll be updating this journal on who I'm working with and what. Taking up to three commissioners at one time, unless circumstances take a fiscal bite out of my finances. ono;

Currently Working With: :iconcyanthemum:

On: Yoko and Biff; Charlotte

Status: Paid in full, In Queue, Lineart; Paid in full, In Queue, Hold

Currently Working With: No one

On: Nothing

Status: Null

Currently Working With: No one

On: Nothing

Status: Null

OCs - Team Luna


OCs - Team Yoko

  • Yoko Ren Hikari - (The Shy but Empathetic girl who's tougher than she looks)
  • Biff Colgate - (The Lovable Goofball who's helplessly in love with Yoko)
  • Miyaro Devorah - (The Sweet Kitsune Gamer Girl carrying within her great potential)


OCs - Team Jasmine


OCs - Team Rain

  • Troy Biden - (The Hard Thinker and innovator of the known world.)
  • Bain Yanmato - (The Tall, Dark Stranger with an affinity for Guns)
  • Sergio Wyrlvae - (The Tech Wizard Elf kid with a chip on his shoulder)
  • Storm Yuindra - (The Well-rounded Jack-of-Trades gal but master at none)


OCs - Paragons

  • Frank Callypso - (The LG Paragon of Light who fights for his friends and the better of all)
  • Nova Roalin - (The N Paragon of Blades who fights for the highest bidder)
  • Pasquale - (The CN Paragon of Delightful Madness who does whatever he pleases)
  • Kelsie Ties - (The CE Paragon of the Seductive Coils who seeks true love)

OCs - Major Villains

  • Lyon Gant - (The Manipulator who was the Fallen Hero of his story)
  • Halie Jade - (The Careful Strategist with a plan for everything)
  • MacKenzie Zviad - (The Outspoken, Tomboyish Bigot who's certain she has the answer)
  • June Shinogu - (The Shortsighted but respected Illusionist with a vindictive nature)
  • Hurik Kindle - (The Soft-spoken Manipulator of flames who wants to see the world burn)


*I'll adjust/add to any references as I go. I'll also date each recent update to these references.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
You may call me the Lord of the Uttercold... or just Arctic-Master. My friends call me A.M. I'm just your friendly, neighborhood weirdo. Nothing more to see here.

(Apologies in advance for any fav spamming I may do on your page. Chances are, I just discovered your artwork through "Featured Collections" or worse "More from DevianArt." I'm not a bot. D: And again, sorry in advance.)

-Draws, writes, RPs, D&Ds, and has an interests in a list of other crap that you probably won't read.

-Am new to Digital art. Fear my crappy skills! D:

-Currently Skeptical of a higher power. Formerly biblical religious.

-Overall friendly, 90% less ranty, 10% more ready to kick some ass.

Interests: Pokémon, TF2, DBZ, Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, World of Darkness (nWOD)... errr, women's Kimonos... ummm... bondage? o_o;

Key things about me:
-I repost ONLY with one's permission or after purchase of one's work. If seen anywhere aside from designated sites under someone else's name aside from the commissioner, it's stolen.

-For the most part, I'm no longer going to return watches. Watching too many people and have recently had to bin a few watchers to whom I asked "Why am I watching this person?!" ono; The only exception is if I regularly communicate with that person outside of art.

-My artwork is for the eyes of members of dA only. While I do have a Tumblr, I BARELY post anything on it. :/ Sorry about that...

-I [try to] remember birthdays~ :iconderpfaceplz:

-I check visitors. O.o; ... Most of the time...

Welp, that's all there is to know about me. Hope the rest is told through my efforts. But regardless, thanks for visiting, thanks for enjoying my arts and others and you're all awesome! :D


No disrespect to those people in this group but I'll be glad when we get out of pride month.


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